UNTERKÜNFTE . Über 1244 große und kleine Inseln tummeln sich entlang der Adriaküste. [25], The data for Slovenian Istria is not as neatly organized, but the 2002 Slovenian census indicates that the three Istrian municipalities (Izola, Piran, Koper) had a total of 56,482 Slovenes, 6,426 Croats, and 1,840 Italians. Kroatien liegt in Europa. Nutzen Sie hierfür bei der Buchung das Feld für besondere Anfragen oder setzen Sie sich direkt mit der Unterkunft in Verbindung. However these terms are best understood as "national affiliations" that may exist in combination with or independently of linguistic, cultural and historical attributes. Following the Austrian defeat by Napoleon during the War of the Third Coalition, Istria became part of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1806–1810) following the Peace of Pressburg, and then part of the Illyrian provinces of the French Empire (1810–1813) after the Treaty of Paris. 09.05.2021. Der Check-in erfolgt in der Agentur Visit Istra unter der Adresse Maksimijanova Nr. Karte von Istrien, Dalmatien und dem Kvarner. Here you’ll find all of the information, content and tools you need to plan your holidays in Croatia. On 15 February 1267, Parenzo was formally incorporated with the Venetian state. Die Karte zeigt unsere Reiseziele, sowie Markierungen und Standorte von Hotels und anderen Unterkünften, Standorte nautischer Marinas und Sportmöglichkeiten wie Tennisplätze, Fußballfelder und Golfplätze. from 1802 Fr pub. Teilen. Karte; Ab . Ancient folktales[citation needed] reported —inaccurately— that the Danube split in two or "bifurcated" and came to the sea near Trieste as well as at the Black Sea. After this seven-year period, the Austrian Empire regained Istria, which became part of the constituent Kingdom of Illyria. In 1910, the ethnic and linguistic composition was completely mixed. Kontakt Fügen Sie Ihre Unterkunft hinzu (auf Kroatisch) Sitemap. Menu Mapa. So können Sie einen sonnenverwöhnten Aufenthalt im Schoß der Natur genießen. Since Slovenia's accession to the European Union and the Schengen Area, customs and immigration checks have been abolished at the Italian-Slovenian border. Online-Kameras Istrien Wettervorhersage, Online-Kameras. Die 14 schönsten FKK-Strände Kroatiens . Bukaleta Kazun, wall paintings, Travels in Istria and Dalmatia: drawn up from the itinerary of L. F. Cassas, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Istria&oldid=996813586, Kingdoms and countries of Austria-Hungary, Former states and territories in Slovenia, Articles with dead external links from May 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles containing Istro Romanian-language text, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles needing additional references from November 2015, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2020, Articles needing additional references from August 2015, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Finden Sie den perfekten Strand in der Nähe Ihrer Unterkunft indem Sie nach Standorten suchen, die mit der „Blauen Flagge“ markiert sind, oder schauen Sie wo Naturattraktionen liegen, die sie einfach besichtigen müssen. I am depressed because I sympathize with you, confused because they over the Istria began to enter the Italy)[6] Istrien: Karte Istriens Geographische Lage Koordinaten: Koordinaten: 45° 9′ N, 13° 55′ O: Gewässer 1: Golf von Triest: Gewässer 2: Adria: Gewässer 3: Kvarner-Bucht: Länge: 80 km Breite: 60 km Fläche: um 3 500 km² Wappen Istriens, aus der Wappenkrone des Wappen Kroatiens: Istrien (kroatisch/slowenisch Istra, istriotisch Eîstria, italienisch Istria, lat. Mai 2018, 12:14 Uhr. Angrenzende Länder sind Slowenien, Ungarn, Serbien, Montenegro sowie Bosnien und Herzegowina. The western and southern coast (Piran/Pirano, Portorož/Portorose, Novigrad/Cittanova, Rovinj/Rovigno, Pula/Pola) has a, The eastern coast (Rabac/Porto Albona, Labin/Albona, Opatija/Abbazia) has a sub-Mediterranean climate with. Gönnen Sie sich ein wohlverdientes … Pope Gregory I in 600 wrote to bishop of Salona Maximus in which he expresses concern about arrival of the Slavs, "Et quidem de Sclavorum gente, quae vobis valde imminet, et affligor vehementer et conturbor. This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 19:07. During the last decades of the Habsburg dynasty the coast of Istria profited from tourism within the Empire. In the Istrian context, for example, the word "Italian" can just as easily refer to autochthonous speakers of the Venetian language whose antecedents in the region extend before the inception of the Venetian Republic or to the Istriot language the oldest spoken language in Istria, dated back to the Romans, today spoken in the southwest of Istria. Interessante Links: Istrien Gebietsbegleiter. "Croatian Istria" is divided into two counties, the larger being Istria County in western Croatia. The division of Istria between Croatia and Slovenia runs on the former republic borders, which were not precisely defined in the former Yugoslavia. The Croatian word for the Istrians is Istrani, or Istrijani, the latter being in the local Chakavian dialect. The Istrian county in Croatia is bilingual, as are large parts of Slovenian Istria. Von TRAVELBOOK | 20. In 804, the Placitum of Riziano was held in the Parish of Rižan (Latin: Risanum), which was a meeting between the representatives of Istrian towns and castles and the deputies of Charlemagne and his son Pepin. Discussions about Istrian ethnicity often use the words "Italian", "Croatian", and "Slovene" to describe the character of the Istrian people. 09.09.2019 - Erkunde Melitta Fruhmanns Pinnwand „Opatija kroatien“ auf Pinterest. Sie können diese Karte von Istrien öffnen und herunterladen oder drucken durch klicken auf die Karte oder diesen Link: Die Karte öffnen. Die Küstenlänge beträgt insgesamt (mit Festland und Inseln) mehr als 6.000 Kilometer. The term Istrani is also used in Slovenia. Smaller towns in Istria County include Višnjan, Roč, and Hum. Reisemobilstellplatz in Istrien über eine interaktive Karte schnell finden. Many villages have Morlachian names like Katun. Louis François Cassas "Travels in Istria and Dalmatia, drawn up from the itinerary of L. F. Cassas" Eng trans. Weiter unten gibt es auch eine Karte mit den Plätzen. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the region was pillaged by the Goths, the Eastern Roman Empire, and the Avars. A description of the 16th-century Istria with a precise map was prepared by the Italian geographer Pietro Coppo. Jetzt Buchen . Dalmatien Nord. Die traumhafte Halbinsel erstreckt sich über den Golf von Triest im Westen bis zur Kvarner-Bucht im Osten Istriens. Top Orte & Städte in Istrien auf den Istrien.COM-Seiten: Medulin. [13], Istria's political and economic importance declined under Italian rule, and after the fascist takeover of Italy in 1922 the Italian government began a campaign of forced Italianization. The geographical features of Istria include the Učka mountain range, which is the highest portion of the Ćićarija mountain range; the rivers Dragonja, Mirna, Pazinčica, and Raša; and the Lim bay and valley. Add Anchorage. Istria lies in three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. As with other regions, the local dialects of the Croatian communities vary greatly across close distances. Online-Kameras Istrien Wettervorhersage, Online-Kameras. Kontakt Fügen Sie Ihre Unterkunft hinzu (auf Kroatisch) Sitemap. Größte Städte: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka. Major towns and municipalitys of Istria (all with a population estimate higher than 8,000 people) : Alan John Day, Roger East, Richard Thomas, M. Blečić, Prilog poznavanju antičke Tarsatike, VAMZ, 3.s., XXXIV 65-122 (2001), UDK 904:72.032 (3:497.5), pages 70, 71. [16] Most of them left in the immediate aftermath of the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty on February 10, 1947 which granted Pula and the greater part of Istria to Yugoslavia. Precipitation is moderate, with between 640 and 1,020 mm (25 and 40 in) falling in the coastal areas, and up to 1,500 mm (60 in) in the hills. The Italian word for the Istrians is Istriani and today the Italian minority is organized in many towns[19] and consists officially of around 45,000 inhabitants. Fläche: 56.594 km². Was die Halbinsel im Kampf gegen Corona anders macht. Finden Sie schließlich auf der Karte Istriens den Standort eines lokalen Restaurants, eines Weinherstellers oder eines Olivenölherstellers. Affligor in his quae jam in vobis patior; conturbor, quia per Istriae aditum jam ad Italiam intrare coeperunt" (And as for the people of the Slavs who are really approaching you, I am very depressed and confused. Triathlon race. Alle Unterkünfte; Appartements; Hotels; Campingplätze; Lastminute-Reisen; REGIONEN . It became an international boundary with the independence of both countries from Yugoslavia in 1991. [1][2] Croatia encapsulates most of the Istrian peninsula with its Istria County (Regione istriana in Italian). [15], In World War II, Istria became a battleground of competing ethnic and political groups. 52203 - Medulin. The warmest places are Pula/Pola and Rovinj/Rovigno, while the coldest is Pazin/Pisino. The coastal areas and cities of Istria came under Venetian Influence in the 9th century. Das bekannteste Highlight des Parks ist der Wasserfall Skradinski buk. Generally speaking, Italians lived on the coast and in the inland cities of northern Istria, while Croats and Slovenes lived in the eastern and southeastern inland parts of the countryside. [9], The Inner part of Istria around Mitterburg (Pazin) had been part of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries, and more specifically part of the domains of the Austrian Habsburgs since the 14th century. According to the Austrian census results (Istria included here parts of the Karst and Liburnia which are not really part of Istria and excluded ancient Istrian parts, like Trieste), out of 404,309 inhabitants in Istria, 168,116 (41.6%) spoke Serbo-Croatian, 147,416 (36.5%) spoke Italian, 55,365 (13.7%) spoke Slovene, 13,279 (3.3%) spoke German, 882 (0.2%) spoke Istro-Romanian, 2,116 (0.5%) spoke other languages, and 17,135 (4.2%) were non-citizens, which had not been asked for their language of communication. 9 im Stadtzentrum, wo die Zahlung und die touristische … Menu Mapa. Since Croatia's first multi-party elections in 1990, the regional party Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS-DDI, Istarski demokratski sabor or Dieta democratica istriana) has consistently received a majority of the vote and maintained through the 1990s a position often contrary to the government in Zagreb, led by the then nationalistic party Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ, Hrvatska demokratska zajednica), with regards to decentralization in Croatia and certain facets of regional autonomy. Die Einstellungen der Cookies können Sie in Ihrem Browser einstellen und weitere Informationen über die Verwendung von Cookies erhalten Sie hier und in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Mehr Karten. Istrien er danskernes foretrukne rejsemål, når de tager på camping i Kroatien. Croatia – The True Camping Destination The quality of camping in Croatia has been recognised by camping enthusiasts since the very start of the European camping scene. [27], Rovinj, as seen from the bell tower of the church of Saint Eufemia (Croatia), The Praetorian Palace in Koper (Slovenia), Traditional folk costume of Istrian Croats, Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}45°15′40″N 13°54′16″E / 45.26111°N 13.90444°E / 45.26111; 13.90444, After the breakup of Yugoslavia (after 1991). Help . A copy of the map inscribed in stone can now be seen in the Pietro Coppo Park in the center of the town of Izola in southwestern Slovenia. Amtssprache: Kroatisch. additional considerations) p. 94; Starohrvatska prosvjeta, Vol. [1][2] This smallest portion of Istria consists of the comunes of Muggia and San Dorligo della Valle with Santa Croce (Trieste) lying farthest to the north. Frohe Forschungsreise! Oavsett vilket av våra resmål du väljer är det en god idé att boka en hyrbil … According to Austro-Hungarian censuses, the ethnic composition of Istria (i.e. Essen & Tinken; Ausflugsziele; Sport & Fun; Reise Informationen; … Istrien er en halvø beliggende i det nordlige Kroatien, som er omringet af krystalklart badevand med en række små idylliske byer, hvoraf den største by er Pula. Kroatien » Istrien » Pula » Landkarte ... Unterkunft in der Umgebung Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Umgebung Kroatien Menü schließen Menü schließen. Es ist keine schwarze Magie des magischen Landes Terra Magica, wie Istrien auch oft genannt wird. It also includes the Karstic municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina. Histria) ist mit einer Fläche von etwa 3.500 km² die größte … Navigieren Sie durch die Kategorien indem Sie auf das Menü auf der rechten Seite der Istrien-Karte klicken. Pula Bitte teilen Sie den Central Pula Apartments Ihre voraussichtliche Ankunftszeit mindestens 1 Tag im Voraus mit. [8] Other coastal towns followed shortly thereafter. [11], After World War I and the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, there was a strong local movement toward Istrian independence[12] but in the end Istria was partitioned to Italy in the Treaty of Rapallo (1920). … [26], The small town of Peroj has had a unique history which exemplifies the multi-ethnic complexity of the history of the region, as do some villages on both sides of the Učka that are still identified with the Istro-Romanian people which the UNESCO Redbook of Endangered Languages calls "the smallest ethnic group in Europe". Das kulturelle Zentrum findet sich in der Stadt Pula am südlichen Ende von Istrien. The northern (or Slovenian and Italian) coast of Istria (Ankaran/Ancarano, Koper/Capodistria, Izola/Isola, Muggia/Milje) has a sub-Mediterranean climate. DESKKART. The region has traditionally been ethnically mixed. Pittoreske Städte mit romantischen Altstadtzentren, intakte Naturlandschaften zu Land und Wasser, die in einem der Nationalparks besichtigt werden können und die Geheimnisse der historischen Bauwerke wie das Amphitheater in Pula sind Zeugen der Zeit, die einfach erkundet werden müssen.